Image of Foliate Head IIImage of Duchene Fountain, Blenheim

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John Piper (1903 - 1992)

No other artist since Turner has done more to celebrate the British landscape and its architecture than John Piper. He was a complete artist who was inspired by all areas of artistic expression. John Piper's life was extraordinary in the true sense of real work and activity, real innovation, experiment and quality. He was also remarkable in being without arrogance, self-promotion or egotism. John Piper will be best remembered for his paintings and etchings of churches, castles and stately homes. But one mustn't forget that the legacy he has left Britain also includes murals, stain glass windows, tapestries, fabrics, ceramics, scenery and costumes for Opera, ballet and the theatre, books and photography. more

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Foliate Head II  Duchene Fountain, Blenheim  

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